List & Assist

Brooke Ciccozzi is the Director and chief bottle washer at List & Assist – a lifestyle hub that’s all about helping you to love your organised life.  She’s a crazy-busy mum of 2 girls and a FIFO wife so she’s passionate about sharing practical advice in order to ‘work smarter, not harder’ when it comes to fitting it all in.

As a proud South Australian, Brooke is an advocate for supporting the local business community.  While Brooke’s vision for List & Assist was originally as a stand-alone app (still coming soon), it has evolved into so much more – an honest and highly relatable blog, Readin’ & Watchin’ a monthly literary and viewing inspo portal and even a feature Instagram account – Coffee Glitterati where she shares her love of a perfectly made coffee.  She can’t wait to share all this awesomeness with you….and so much more!

Undercover Mum

Kim Stone is a mum of two and the founder of Undercover Mum. Kim has experienced and understands the challenges of being a working mum and feeling torn between work and home, both as a professional and a business owner. Kim knows that working mums CAN have it all with the right strategies and support, having experienced this herself. She believes you CAN make time for everything that matters to you – yourself, health, business/career, family, fun and more, while feeling energised. Kim supports and mentors other working mums so that they can experience their version of success at home and at work.

Leaning In

Lucy is a mum of one, lawyer and blogger at Leaning In. Lucy loves being a mum but also loves her career. Not wanting to miss out on either, she returned to work a few short weeks into her maternity leave, taking her baby with her. She now works flexibly and takes her daughter to work with her several times a week.

Lucy is passionate about supporting working mothers and uses her blog as a platform to share her experience and stories of successful women who are proving to the world that we can be competent professionals and happy mothers at the same time.

The Healthy Little B

As a wife, mother and qualified clinical nutritionist, Lucy knows all too well about creating healthy families. Having studied childhood nutrition and a bachelor of health Science, she qualified as a clinical nutritionist from The Australian College of Natural Therapies.
Her passion is to share the healthy love with other families and to help them reach their potential in terms of living a healthy, balanced life. Think, real food, a healthy home, travelling healthy, mindfulness and loads of cooking!
She works with families to get on the right healthy path by focusing on diet and nutrition, but also supplementation if necessary and lifestyle measures such as physical activity, relaxation techniques and stress management. It is all about finding the healthy balance with your kids and their environment.
I believe the way to a happy family most certainly starts with health and nutrition. Food & nutrition supply the body with the basis to grow & sustain effectively.
Lucy is inspired daily by her two little “B’s” and love nothing more than to educate others on how to raise thriving healthy little ones.

Bloom Wellbeing

Bloom Wellbeing is a family focused Occupational Therapy service providing consultancy and therapeutic services for children, mothers and families from an Occupational Therapy framework. Becoming a mother is a big life change. This role brings with it significant emotional adjustments which can cause women to feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious and sometimes even depressed. Occupational Therapy can be of great benefit to any mother experiencing emotional difficulties during her motherhood journey.

Project Mama

Corporate career girl and mama to one (with one on the way), Areta Mackey is living, breathing and learning the motherhood journey. Ever studious, or some would say neurotic, her journey has become a project of sorts! Working and being a mama is a rough, rugged and rewarding road for all of us, but one she’s found easier to navigate by sharing her story!