3 Must Have Skills for Every Working Mum

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Reliability is a value I’ve always held in high regard in both my professional and personal life. Being reliable was definitely easier before I had children. So my initial reaction to adding a baby to my life was that I would no longer be able to fulfil my desire to be reliable at work and at home. Especially at work. … Read More

High Fives Kate Ellis, High Fives!

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When I first heard the news that Kate Ellis was leaving her role in Federal Parliament, I was a little bit annoyed. We have lost someone I believe to be a brilliant politician and advocate for our children’s education and yet again it was shown how far we still have to go to create flexible workplaces where women can follow … Read More

Work Life Balance is Myth

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Work life balance is a myth. 5 tips to create family and career integration. If you’re a working mother then you’ve no doubt been striving for this elusive thing called ‘work life balance’. I know I have, and like so many other professional mums, I’ve fallen short of my unrealistic expectations on many occasions. For years however, I didn’t know … Read More

Part Time Vs Flexibility. What’s the difference?

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Part time versus flexibility. What’s the difference? Do you work part time hours or do you have a flexible work arrangement and what is the difference anyway? Understanding these different ways of working is definitely worth your while when negotiating your hours with your employer and in creating a clear understanding of expectations between you and your boss. In my … Read More

Travel for work – Love it or Loathe it?

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Right now I’m headed on a short interstate trip for work. I was up this morning before the sun and the rest of the household (including the dog). Last night I was a maniac on a mission. I was multi-tasking like only a working mum knows how. My list of things to do in a short few hours, looked liked … Read More

Why starting a business is like having a baby…

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So I have been thinking lately about how much starting Sass Place has been like what it was like to be pregnant with my son. Here are a few of my thoughts on the journey of starting a business…. The early stages… Just like the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, the first few months of setting up your business are a quiet, secretive … Read More

10 time saving tips for working mums

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Life can get pretty chaotic at times for working mums. You can keep your family more organized and keep your sanity in check with these time saving tips. Plan your meals Planning meals on a weekly basis will definitely save you time (and money). There is nothing worse than getting home after a long day at work and having to … Read More