“I’m defined by my character, and my character is a strong woman who’s independent, following her dreams, wants love, wants a family, and wants to succeed just like anybody else in this world.”
Gina Rodriguez

The Working Mums Collective is a collaborative and supportive community for working mums where we value sharing of knowledge, encouragement of individual choices and the celebration of personal, family & career successes.

We encourage our community to stretch boundaries and to be courageous and authentic in finding new ways to thrive in all areas of life; at work or in business, in health and wellbeing, in relationships and as a parent. The Working Mums Collective is a targeted marketing platform for selective and relevant services to access an engaged audience of working mums across Australia.

We aspire to be Australia’s market leading resource and knowledge hub offering expertise and up to date market knowledge to the largest and most engaged community of working mums.

We connect our audience with a wide range of relevant services, information, products, resources and events that support their endeavours as a parent and in their chosen career. Our partners and services clients are part of our collaborative community and are aligned to the WMC brand and its values.