{RECIPE} Delicious cacao & goji berry bliss balls

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I can’t get enough of bliss balls at the moment.

They are a great snack idea but if I buy them from my favourite shop, The Organik Store and Cafe, I am usually up for about $3.95 per bliss ball which could get expensive if I was to buy one every day.

I have experimented with bliss ball recipe’s but tried out my own this time.

It is a delicious combination.

Delicious cacao & goji berry bliss balls


200g medjool dates

200g almonds

2 tablespoons cacao

2 tablespoons chia seeds

handful of goji berries


Place all ingredients into a thermomix or food processor and mix together.

I used my thermomix and mixed it for 20 seconds going from speed 1 to 7.

Remove mix from the thermomix and roll into balls.

Refrigerate or freeze and enjoy.

You can use any nuts you like, this recipe would work with cashews or hazelnuts.

I have made them with coconut and peanut butter before. There are so many different combinations.

These are a great snack to take to work. I find that depending on what size you make them one or two is great for afternoon tea. Enjoy with a tea or coffee.

Do you have a favourite bliss ball recipe?

I would love you to share in the comments below.


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5 Comments on “{RECIPE} Delicious cacao & goji berry bliss balls”

  1. These sound yum! I had a piece of chocolate cake on the weekend that was made using cacoa and chia (amongst other things) and I was really surprised at how light and fluffy it was, while still being filling.

  2. I’ve ended up with a very yummy bowl of crumbs – I can’t roll it into a ball at all. Maybe my food processor isn’t strong enough? Any suggestions? I’ve put a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil in to help, but it’s still not working for me.

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